Let's Grow Together

Building an AgTech ecosystem in Kentucky with Dutch agricultural knowledge

With the global population reaching an estimated 10 billion in 2050, how can we keep feeding the world? In the U.S. state of Kentucky, Dutch and Kentucky based organizations are working together to prepare for the future: feeding the world’s population while tackling issues related to limited natural resources, sustainability, and climate unpredictability.

Let’s Grow Together is a collaboration between 26 private and public organizations. Building on Dutch agricultural knowledge, technology and services to build an AgTech ecosystem in Kentucky. Creating sustainable and healthy local food production, bringing jobs to the Kentucky area as well as the Netherlands, creating economic growth and encouraging a healthy diet. We invite other organizations that share this vision to work with us.

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Explore the market potential of high-tech greenhouses 

An exploratory study was conducted into the market potential of high-tech greenhouses in the Midwest and East Coast regions and the state of California in the United States (USA) and the investment opportunities for Dutch horticultural supply companies. Insight is given into the production, import and consumption of (fresh) fruit vegetable products in the US.