Our AgTech collaboration will create a sustainable and healthy food production system that can help to provide sustainable jobs, and create a healthy diet for many in the US. Our collaboration will pave the way for the AgTech sector to develop the $10 Billion AgTech market in the US.

AgTech in Kentucky

The positive societal impact and commercial opportunity for Dutch companies are clear and compelling. However, one of the lessons learned of greenhouse development is that for a sustainable and scalable growth of the AgTech business, providing techniques and hardware is not enough: an entire ecosystem needs to be created to make this transition sustainable. Therefore, Dutch and Kentucky companies, knowledge institutes and government agencies have joined forces to make this a reality.

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AgTech in Kentucky

By 2030 our goals are …

  • To build a strong, profitable AgTech Ecosystem in Kentucky & the Appalachian region and provide a partner platform which can serve the entire US market
  • To provide more, local, fresh, healthy affordable food to more people
  • To use less land and natural resources in an unpredictable climate environment
  • To create attractive, sustainable, non-seasonal, skilled jobs in this innovative sector
  • To enable Kentucky to grab significant market share in the multibillion- dollar US greenhouse produce market.
  • To make Kentucky the AgTech capital of the US in partnership with Dutch companies, knowledge institutions and other relevant Dutch entities creating large scale controlled environment AgTech solutions.